Poly water tanks are a significant part of our business and we’re proudly associated with RapidPlas – manufactures of a uniquely designed, high quality tank.


With our large yard area we are also able to stock a range of tanks on-site.

Large Poly Water Tanks - Bega Ag

Free Delivery

Direct from RapidPlas on tanks over 7,000lt (we also have a tank trailer that we use to deliver tanks from our yard stock – cost dependent on travel distance).

Delivery conditions – suitable access for a truck with 2 able bodies on-site to assist with unloading.

Site Preparation – (get details from RapidPlas Website)

Current Lead Time for tank deliveries:

4 Weeks

Tank Accessories

Manual Water level indicators

Wireless tank level monitor

An inexpensive way of monitoring tank levels & water use Gallagher

Filtration & purification

From single filters to systems incorporating UV, we stock Puretec


Two level valve for automatic filling, provides pressure feedback to your pump to automate filling with minimal pump starts.

Remote sensing & automation

Farmbot 4G/Satellite remote sensing & control of multiple tanks