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We stock Australia’s most popular Davey/Honda firefighters in both the 5.5hp single impeller (higher water volume) and 6.5hp twin impeller (higher pressure). We also sell fire fighters with electric start & with diesel engines.

Solar Pumps - Bega Ag


​A core of our pump business, many customers are replacing their engine driven pumps with economical, low maintenance solar systems. Whether for a bore, dam or river, we provide expertise in pump selection and installation for NOV Mono, Grundfos & ReAqua solar pump solutions.

Stock Watering Systems 

We can help with design, pump selection and installation for stock watering systems, large or small.

Irrigation pumps – from 0.75kW to 100kW+ when expert advice, design work and the best in energy efficient pumps & motors can make a real difference; we back up our professionalism with pumps from Southern Cross, Grundfos and Davey.

Engine Driven Pumps

Where power is inaccessible & solar doesn’t fit the bill, we can match the correct pump with the best diesel engine with Yanmar & Hatz for smaller systems & Iveco for the big jobs. We can also design “silent” options where noise might be an issue.

Bore Pumps

We sell, service & install bore pumps across a wide area, including the southern Monaro. We can also assess bores to establish best pump size & flow rates to prevent cascading and stop/start operation.

Specifying Pumps for Bores

Selecting a correctly sized pump for a bore is important.

If the pump is too big it will draw the bore down too quickly and water will end up cascading down the bore from the aquifer to the pump. Not only can this erode material which ends up reducing the service life of the pump, it will also cause multiple pump starts which increases power costs & reduces pump life. The drillers data sheet should let you know what the yield of each aquifer is in the bore & should also provide you with the standing water level. (It’s important to note that the drillers yield data only relates to a short period and longer pumping may well result in diminishing yields.)

This information helps us determine the best depth for the pump and, in conjunction with the system requirements after the bore head, the optimum pump size. We routinely install an inexpensive system with each bore pump to monitor water depth in your bore. This allows you to fine tune the system & stabilise water level in the bore by controlling discharge with a gate valve at the bore head.

The monitoring equipment we use can also be used to assess bores where the original drilling information is no longer available or where bore yields have diminished over time.

Automation & Remote Control

There are now a raft of economical, remote control & automation systems available for pump stations. If you can’t do it with your phone these days, it’s not worth doing!

If you need to pump water we can help.

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We sell, service & install most categories of pumps

Pumps - Bega Ag

Household pressure pumps

we stock a range of pressure boosting pumps from Grundfos and Davey, two of Australia’s most reputable brands. We also stock the inexpensive range of Azure pressure pumps from Davey. We provide pump selection advice on new pumps & diagnostic/workshop support for your existing pump.