We design, supply, install & maintain a variety of irrigation systems.

K Line

This is a unique system for irrigating pastures that was developed in NZ. It is economical to install, provides good uniformity and is low maintenance, only moderate pumping costs and low labour.

We specialise in the design & installation of K Line systems, please see more information and a video of K Line in operation on our K Line page.

Bike Shift

Bike shift, an in-ground hydrant with a length of poly pipe to a sprinkler on a stand, is pretty dated now - it is high labour & maintenance and low uniformity. K Line usually replaces it in most situations at a very similar installation cost. Bike shift is useful for smaller areas or irregular spots in bigger irrigation systems.

Landscape & Automation

We stock a range of pop up sprinklers for small & large landscape & sports field irrigation projects. We also carry a range of solenoid valves and irrigation controllers. Design services available.

Solid Set

The ultimate irrigation system because of its uniformity of application, flexibility of use and extremely low labour requirement, solid set systems are only held back by their high cost. The least expensive design, with high sprinkler density (~20m spacings) and lower application rates will still cost over $5,000/ha. This is quite affordable for horticulture where they require very high uniformity but is difficult to afford for pastures.

Travelling Irrigators – hard & soft hose

Travelling irrigators come in a huge range of sizes & styles. They are particularly well suited to long, straight paddocks but require high pressures which means expensive pumping costs. Soft hose irrigators are usually less expensive & can be fitted to extremely long runs but usually require extra pumping pressure, labour & maintenance. Although more expensive, there has been a shift to hard hose irrigators, mainly because of their convenience (they don’t have to be wound up prior to being moved to their next shift).

Centre Pivot

For large areas, Centre Pivots can be the most economical of all irrigation equipment – the base cost of headworks & the central tower are significant and each span costs the same, but each successive span covers an increasingly large area. Once a pivot exceeds 5 or 6 spans they start to become more & more cost effective compared to other systems. They also have the benefits of great labour saving, low pumping costs & very uniform water application. There are a couple of downsides to pivots – some soil types are very prone to wheel rutting, they can only apply a maximum of ~11-12mm per day and require 24hrs of continuous pumping to do a full irrigation.

Across our buying group we sell more of the biggest brands of Centre Pivot irrigators than anybody else in Australia – Zimmatic, Valley & T-L.