This system is based on Rotoframe sprinklers on a PVC supply line at a maximum of 4m spacings as pictured, supplied by a 5.5Hp single impeller fire fighter from a dedicated water source - normally covering the north & west sides of the house. (PVC pipe is very fire resistant when it has water flowing through it.)

The fire fighter will service 20+ sprinklers or 80+ meters of frontage even at low rpm (which produces larger droplets from the sprinklers). Each sprinkler will require ~ 15lt per minute of water so 20 sprinklers would require approximately 10,000lt per ½ hour of coverage.

This is designed to enhance the properties survivability during passage of the fire front. Intermittent use prior to the front would also help in an ember storm before the fire front arrives. Brass impact sprinklers can be added to wet down garden areas in front of the house.

The fire fighter can also be configured with a remote start via mobile phone or an auto start via temperature sensor (usually ~93⁰C).

Approximate Cost

Material costs for the sprinklers, PVC pipe and all fittings would be approximately $30/m

Estimated installation or labour costs would add a further $30/m

A fire fighter with suction line, camlock fittings & pipework to the house approx $1,500.

Ie A house with a 40m north face & 25m west side = 65m or ~$2,000 materials + ~$2,000 installation (if required) & $1,500 for the fire fighter with fittings.   Total cost of approximately $5,500

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Household Fire Protection - Bega Ag
Household Fire Protection - Bega Ag
Household Fire Protection - Bega Ag