The Greenfield Mower range is loaded with practical features not found on other ride-ons, not gimmicks, but sound design & engineering to make a better, stronger, long lasting product. The Greenfield Mower ride-on requires the absolute minimum of maintenance and is a delight to use. A Greenfield Mower, because of its inbuilt quality, will hold its relative value for years and years.

Greenfiel Mowers - Bega Ag

    »    Accurate fingertip geared steering, effortless like the power steering in a car.

    »    The superb Greenfield Mower patented differential, different to all others with its 


    »   The unique differential combined with the deck design means Greenfield mowers will cut

          the very toughest growth you can throw at it with less horsepower than any other


     »   Provision to lock the gears for mowing on slopes or in wet boggy conditions.

     »   Serviceability has not been forgotten in the design. Accessibility to all working parts is


Greenfield Piecemaker 45 Shredder - Bega Ag

Piecemaker 45 Shredder - Nothing comes close!

Easy to maintain
Very simple to use and inexpensive to maintain. The powerful engine drives the cutter disc and blades directly and there are many benefits. With direct drive there are no costly flails to tangle and wear, nor is there a need for pulleys, idlers and "V" belts. All these parts add complication and expense whilst robbing vital engine power.

     »   Engines. Choice of Honda, B & S,Kawasaki Industrial/Commercial.

     »  The chipper blades are special tough, high carbon steel. The blades are double edged

          reversible. These can be turned over or resharpended many times.

     »  Chipper disc is of a special semi high tensile steel and carefully balanced. Hopper is made

          from zinc coated steel (not plastic). It won't rust or crack with normal use and is unaffected

          by U.V. rays.

     »  Labrynth cutter. A patented cutter protects the drive shaft from tangling and clogging.

         Fibrous material such as palm fronds or hibiscus will not stop a Greenfield Piecemaker no

         matter how fast you feed it in.

     »  Chassis. All steel and rigid with a heavy powder coat finish. Metal parts are chrome or zinc


     »  Mulch Catcher.

     »  One year warranty against faulty workmanship and material for domestic use in

         recommended conditions.

The Greenfield Evolution Fastcut mower range is the culmination of over 40 years of "hands on" experience in designing and manufacturing state of the art mowers in Australia. With Greenfield - You Get What You Pay For!