We provide our agronomy services on-farm.

The best agronomic advice takes many factors into account:

Soil type & fertility


Paddock history

Current vegetation

Available resources – time & equipment

How the paddock relates to the rest of the farm and, most importantly,

Your aspirations – what you’d like it to contribute to your enterprise

This is why we believe the best agronomy advice is given in the paddock. Our agronomists have an intimate knowledge of the far south coast environment including soil types, weather and vegetation. They also have extensive experience over a wide range of pastures, fodder crops, orchards, vineyards and horticultural crops on both dryland & irrigation.


Over more than 20 years and many hundreds of soil tests we have gained an intimate understanding of the issues affecting south coast soils. Samples are sent to the Incitec Pivot laboratories in Victoria which test to recognised standards and are nationally accredited. Results are usually available within 2 weeks.

Our agronomists do their own interpretation of results for local conditions and make written recommendations that factor in the customers aspirations for their property.

In high production situations we encourage customers to undertake annual testing of indicator paddocks as trend data is far more powerful in determining fertiliser application rates.


At Bega Ag we minimise freight costs with a drive through bulk fertiliser facility capable of handling B-double trucks. In conjunction with our bulk facility, we have an 8t vertical blender which allows us to prescription blend urea, Superfect, MAP, Potash and elemental sulphur to our agronomists recommendation. We also deliver blended fertiliser to farm in 1 tonne bulker bags with our truck & Hiab crane. This range of services ensures you get the best bang for your buck on an expensive but vital farm input.

We also work closely with a local spreader contractor who can outload from our facility or spread directly from a bulk load delivered straight to farm.


We have a unique environment on the far south coast and we stock a wide range of seeds. This allows our agronomists to recommend the best seed mix for your situation without being constrained to “off the shelf” pasture mixes that are suited to other farming areas. To facilitate this we have a large vertical, conveyor fed, seed blender on scales. This blender’s capacity allows us to blend large batches of seed with bulky inclusions such as oats & other cereal seeds. We can then bag off into 750kg bulker bags or smaller 25kg bags.

Saia oats are one of the most successful forage cereals for our area and we usually fill a couple of silos with bulk seed at the start of every season. This allows us to pass on a significant discount to normal market pricing and makes it easier for us to weigh into customers seed mixes. We also have a 50kg blender we use for smaller batches of seed, usually mixtures of clovers & herbs.